Rules and Regulations

2016 Market Mission  Rules and Regulations for Operation

A Community Farmers Market

“It is a pleasure knowing that more and more New Yorkers are discovering the bounty of New York State agriculture and helping to sustain a valuable source of fresh foods, open space and a productive way of life for thousands of farm families”

Gov. George Pataki

Introduction to New York State Fresh Farm Guide



  • To promote the vitality of our village and our region
  • To promote regional agriculture
  • To promote locally-owned businesses
  • To encourage the use of the Village’s outdoor spaces
  • To encourage interaction of village and regional residents in a comfortable and casual environment – social, improve community spirit
  • To emphasize diversity and individuality in offerings


Time, Place & Set up/Take-down:

- Day/Time:                  Friday from 10.00 to 4.00 pm                                                         

- Season:                     June 3d  to end of November

- Place:                       Cedar  Street

- In addition to promotion arranged for by the Market manager, the vendors will make all reasonable efforts to promote the market as well.

- All farmers to arrive no later than 9.30 am. If you are unable to attend on a specific day please notify the Market  Manager  tel:914-469-4667  d// or the Village clerk at telephone (914)231-8504

- Farmers/Vendors must bring their own tents and tables

- Farmers/Vendors may not bring vehicles on the sidewalk at any time for any purpose. The police will dedicate space for their cars.- Farmers/Vendors must leave their space clean after they leave.

Documentation Required

- If you participate in the WIC program, please fill the application and crop plan to be included in WIC program in order to comply with the N.Y.State Dept of Agriculture.

- Farmers/Vendors must submit the following documents to the Market Manager before participating:

- copy of your Certificate of Insurance with the Village of Dobbs Ferry named additional insured.

(The Farmer/Vendor agrees not to hold the Village of Dobbs Ferry and/or any individual or group acting as the Farm Market Management responsible for any claims, loss or suit by the Farmer/Vendor).

- copy of your business certificate mentioning your Taxpayer ID No.

- copy of your crop plan

- if you are baking goods, please provide your home processor’s license and a sanitary inspection report.

Qualifications for Vendors:

The Market shall be limited to bona fide farmers/growers in New York State and surrounding areas (New Jersey, Connecticut, Penn.) or their agents. (An agent is defined as someone employed by the grower and their representative, not someone dealing in goods for resale) and will be responsible for having the proper licenses from the NYS of Agriculture to grow, raise and produce the products, which they are selling.

Farmers may be asked to obtain a letter from their County Extension Agent (s) certifying their status as a grower.

Bakeries are also permitted if they are from within 50 miles of Dobbs Ferry and all the products they have for sale are of their own making. Bakery must be inspected and approved by NYS. Agriculture & Markets.

What may be sold/Quality of Goods:

                - All produce sold must be grown, reared, caught by the booth holder on the producers’ owned or leased land, for livestock and plants this means grown or finished on the producers’ land. At least 75 %of what the farmers offer for sale (by volume or weight) on every market day during the period July 1 – November 15 must come from their land. The Market Manager must approve the other 25 % source of these goods.

                - All produce must be brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the booth holder.

- All produce must be properly labeled as per NYSDA agency requirements.

            - In addition to freshly (excepting storage items) picked vegetables, herbs, fruits, plants and flowers (Any unprocessed plant products) the following may be sold, as long as home produced in accordance with regulations set forth by the NYS Department of Agriculture: honey, eggs, maple syrup, grape juice, apple juice, apple cider, jams, jellies, cheese, meat/fish, flavored/plain dairy butters.

                - Farmers/Vendors to ensure display and sale of fresh, high quality, locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables and other farm products, including the posting of prices.

                - The Market Manager reserves the right to include products which might not necessarily follow the above mentioned guidelines, for the good of the Market and the Community at any time.


Please read rules carefully. Termination may result if they are not followed.